Try out our new Private Map Maker READ AND VISIT

A demo of how you can make sensitive data safely available to the public in 3 steps. 1. Upload sensitive location data. 2. Select a map based on accuracy versus privacy risk. 3. Publish!

Defining a Datatrust READ

A datatrust will be an online service that allows organizations to make sensitive data available to the public and provide researchers, policymakers and application developers with a way to directly query that data. We believe the datatrust is only possible with technical innovations that will allow us to provide a new breed of privacy guarantee that is quantifiable and enforceable and community-centered governance and policy innovations that will inspire public confidence.

Exploring Privacy Technologies

In our efforts to up the ante on privacy standards, we've been working Shan Gao Ma on technical explorations of differential privacy, a new area of research that attempts to quantify privacy risk so that privacy promises can be measured and verified. We believe such technology will transform consumers' ability to make meaningful demands about exactly how much privacy they're willing to give up in exchange for services.

In particular, we've created a demo using PINQ, an implementation of differential privacy by Microsoft research Frank McSherry. You can read more about our demo on our blog. We are also delving into exactly "how much" is "too much" privacy risk so that we can quantitatively define imprecise terms used in privacy policies today, such as "anonymous" and "almost indiscernible."

Building a Datatrust Prototype

In partnership with Shan Gao Ma, we are working on building a stripped down prototype of the datatrust that would support importing a rich data set and a basic set of queries. More to come on this project!

Datatrust Governance and Policies: Questions, Concerns and Bright Ideas. READ

A running list of governance issues, including our privacy guarantee and our plans for a self-regulated datatrust community, day-to-day management, board oversight, datatrust finances and software licensing.

Our Privacy Policy: What if the government asks for data? READ

A quick overview of the current state of online privacy rights, how they apply to the datatrust and a running list of open issues we will eventually need to resolve in our privacy policy.

Online Data Collection Forums

We believe that online forums could become places where communities can pool and disseminate personal information in concrete, measurable ways to advocate for a cause, enable research and inform policy-making. We are working on educating the public and nonprofit organizations on how that could be possible with a demonstration website devoted to healthcare reform. Learn more about it in this series of blog posts.